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Liquid Biopsy + Proteomics

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Cancer patients and their loved ones have long struggled with these 3 questions:
What is the right drug?
Is it working?
If not, what next?
Our mission is to answer those difficult questions with revolutionary precision.
Our Platform
Tumor and Immune Cell Proteomics to reveal cancer’s hidden secrets … all from a blood sample.
Proteomic information from a simple blood draw enhances current genomics-based methods to enable real-time and more sensitive early detection of cancer, discover novel targets that could stop its growth, or identify those that render therapies ineffective. But challenges with recognizing signals from a few rare cells among billions of others in the bloodstream have significantly impaired technologies to analyze the proteome, until now.

Our patented platform utilizes Deep Learning and 3D Holographic imaging to analyze individual cells and, for the first time, has revealed accurate proteomic insights missed using current non-cell-based approaches. This revolutionary approach is illuminating novel answers in the fight against cancer.

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